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WATCH: Three Romanians remanded in custody after being charged with pickpocketing charges on buses

The Police have managed to break another organised crime ring of foreign nationals who were carrying out pickpocketing in Malta.

The Police arrested three Romanians in connection with this case: 54-year old Theodor Dumitrescu who works as a driver; 40-year old Marian Tenescu, a fitter; and 39-year old Vasilica Ionel Harabagiu, who is a barber.

It was pointed out in court that the three accused were allegedly involved in a series of thefts in tourist resorts around Europe, going back to 2010.

The Police said that before leaving Malta, the men were involved in a number of thefts last summer.

They were arraigned in Court on Wednesday morning, with the three Romanians pleading not guilty to pickpocketing charges connected with theft on buses during the last week of June and the beginning of July.

The Maltese Police worked closely with Europol, Interpol and another enforcement agency in other countries to localise the three men. In fact, they not only established their history, but also traced every movement they were doing. Through the Intelligence-Led-Policing, the men planned to return to Malta last Monday afternoon with a flight from Budapest in Hungary.

The Prosecution stated that upon their arrival in Malta, the men did not spare time and immediately started their work and stole various objects from the airport, including a roll-on deodorant and a toothbrush.

Presiding Magistrate Charmaine Galea upheld a request by the prosecution for the accused assets to be frozen.

The men are being held in custody after they declared that they have no fixed address in Malta.