WATCH: TM investigates increase in cost of electric-powered vehicles the day after €3,000 additional subsidy

Transport Malta has written to all importers of electric-powered vehicles to ensure it is the consumer who benefits from the increase in the subsidy announced by the Government in the 2022 budget on the purchase of electric-powered vehicles.

This was stated by Transport Malta officer Gilbert Agius in an interview during the 11.00 a.m. news on TVMNews+.

Agius was asked about complaints received at the TVM News Centre, stating that on the day following the budget speech, one of the importers had put up prices on electric-powered and hybrid vehicles by 2,000 euro.

Mr Agius confirmed that in the past hours Transport Malta had held discussions with the importer who had raised the price of a particular car by 2,000 euro in recent days. He added that the justification given to the authority for the price increase was the worldwide shortage of chips.

“Yes, there was a model, and he even showed us documentation and Transport Malta will continue to investigate… on certain vehicle extras originally priced at 30,000 euro, he is now asking for 32,000 euro. This is on extras for the vehicle, not for the vehicle itself,” Mr Agius added.

The officer said Transport Malta will continue to look into these complaints and they had written to all importers to ensure this does not happen.

Mr Agius added that both consumers and Transport Malta have prices for every vehicle on the market before 12 October, and promised the authority will continue to follow up on complaints it receives on a day-to-day basis.

Mr Agius explained that in their discussions with importers they ensure at establishing a middle-of-the-road price.

The officer added that through the 12,000 euro subsidy the Government is forking out nearly half the average price of an electric-powered vehicle, which is about 30,000 euro.

“We know that electric-powered vehicles are still somewhat expensive when compared with petrol or diesel-powered vehicles whose average cost is 15,000 euro, and this is why the authority is giving these grants – to encourage more people to purchase electric-powered vehicles.”

Mr Agius added that the Government’s direction is for a strong presence of electric-powered or hybrid vehicles by 2030 in order to safeguard the environment.

There are presently over 2,700 electric-powered cars and another 3,300 petrol/diesel and electric-powered vehicles. This is besides some 1,000 electric-powered motorcycles.