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WATCH: Today’s marathon in memory of 26-year old sister who died with cancer

Chris Mamo is today commemorating his sister Tania’s memory, who died with cancer, during a marathon run on the stairs of the Valletta entrance by raising funds in aid of the Step Up for Parkinsons organization, which works with persons with this disease.

Chris Mamo lost his sister Tania, who at the age of 26 died with cancer in the uterus. Her death greatly affected his life and as a commemoration, each year he organizes a physical challenge to assist persons who suffer from a particular disease.

Chris Mamo stated “when she passed away she gave me the initial boost to work for charities..she’s always going be with me, when things get hard, tired”.

On Friday we met with Chris training on the stairs at Valletta entrance where today he is doing the 12-hour marathon in aid of the Step up for Parkinsons organization. Chris, who had a 12-year military carrier in the British army and served in various conflicts, stated that he has trained for four months for this challenge to raise money for the Step up for Parkinsons organization to continue with its programme of assisting patients.

“I am going continuously climbing up and down, it’s for a good cause, it’s for step up for Parkinsons, an organization I believe in”.

Today’s marathon event, in collaboration with the Malta Community Chest Fund, continues till 8.00 this evening.

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