WATCH: “Today’s storm can be considered one of the worst ever to hit Malta” – Meteorological Office

Today’s storm over the Maltese Islands can be considered as one of the worst ever to hit Malta.

The Malta Meteorological Office told that the last time the islands experienced a similar storm was on 25 October 2021, when 51.6mm of rain were measured at Ħal Luqa.

A spokesman for the Met Office explained that 67.4mm of rain were measured at Ħal Luqa over the past 24 hours, when the average for the Maltese Islands for the past 24 hours was 74.6mm. In a link-up during the news on TVMNews+, Brian Micallef from the Meteorological Office said the locality with the heaviest rainfall was Selmun, with 107mm of rain.

Mr Micallef explained that today’s storm is the result of a low-pressure system extending from Algeria to the centre of the Mediterranean. This brought with it instability to the South of Malta, which then moved to the North and over the Maltese Islands brought storms with thunder and rain. Mr Micallef added that these storms have moved in an Easterly direction and will not continue to affect the Maltese Islands.

Regarding the weather for the coming days, the Meteorological Office said it is not forecasting storms with heavy rain for the coming days. From Friday afternoon, however, the wind is expected to increase in force up to Tuesday. Gale force winds (Force 7 West Southwest, becoming Force 8 Westerly) are expected for Monday.