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WATCH: Touch – original and joyful song by Sebastian

‘Touch’ is a new song by singer Sebastian, which has a musical video with lyrics that accompanies the song.

Sebastian worked with Matteo Depares and Aidan Cassar from Wicked & Loud for the lyrics and music of his new song.

The song has a different style from his previous records. Sebastian never worked before on this style of music, however he desired something different – a modern, lively style so that the song reaches more music enthusiasts, even abroad.

The song style also reflects the joyful and youthful character of the singer.

The musical video was produced in coordination with Angie Laus and Duane Laus from Lava Graphics and together they produced the idea of a video with lyrics that accompany the song.

Some months ago, Sebatian collaborated with popular singer Renato Micallef and together they revived the popular song Qalu li Raw, an original song by Bayzo.

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