WATCH: Tradition of crochet and ‘ganutell’ kept alive

A number of videos and films which went viral over the last few weeks on social media show how when people are at home more than usual, they turn to handicrafts to pass the time.

Away from this spontaneity, a number of handmade crafts have been with us for centuries. Since the 16th century the Maltese islands have always had these types of crafts,  particularly those which are made behind the walls of convents and monasteries, especially the cloistered ones.

Among the handicrafts enjoyed most by the Maltese are crochet and ‘ganutell’.  This antique tradition was very popular as ‘ganutell’ was used to decorate churches as well as statues.

Today, like with a number of other traditions, crochet and ‘ganutell’ have started waning as well. Amongst those who have still kept this tradition alive is Filomena Zammit from Zurrieq.

Mrs Zammit, during the programme ‘Malti Pur’ showed how she has created a number of decorations made of ‘ganutell.  With extreme patience and deft fingers, she calculates the measures using her expert eye and manages to create beautiful flowers of every shade, in a very short space of time.

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