WATCH: Trump says he removed mask not to please journalists

U.S. President Trump created another controversy in connection with the precautionary measures on Covid-19.

During a visit at the Michigin Ford factory, which changed operation to start producing ventilators and protective gear, the American President faced the media without wearing a mask.

Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, had ordered that everyone should wear a mask inside a building.

Asked by journalists why he wasn’t wearing the mask, Trump said he had worn the mask while visiting other sections in the factory, however he removed it not to please journalists when they see him with the mask and to deliver the speech.

He stated that he had tested negative to the virus and wasn’t endangering others.

Michigan’s Attorey General Dana Nessel told the media that Ford shouldn’t have permitted anyone inside the building without a mask, not even the President, due to its serious consequences on workers.

Ford said in a statement that it requested the President to wear the mask, and he had done so while he was visiting the sport cars section.

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