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WATCH: Two guide dogs bring joy to vision-impaired family

Guide dogs Albert and Holly have managed to bring about a change to the lives of a couple, both of whom suffer from vision impairment. Martin and Johanna Sultana said their lives and those of their two children have made a great leap forward through the presence of Albert and Holly.

Some weeks ago the Sultana family – with both the parents and the children suffering from vision impairment – expanded to six in number, with the arrival of guide dogs Albert and Holly. The two guide dogs have been trained by the Guide Dogs Foundation for adaptation to the life of the Sultana family.

Thanks to Holly, Martin can now go to work, whilst also assisting in the upbringing of his children.

“Before Holly, I used to have to follow the edge of the pavement and watch out for poles as well as puddles of water. Holy now helps me to avoid puddles.”

In the programme UMANI on TVM, Martin’s wife Johanna, who had previously depended solely on her white stick to go to work and to carry out errands, admitted that guide dog Albert has made a great difference to her life, and her mind is now at rest when she walks in the road.

“If there is something in the way, Albert will walk me around it. He’s marvellous… he’s my baby. He’s my all,” Johanna admitted.

The Sultana couple stated that Albert and Holly, both Labradors, have become a part of the family.

“We now have two young ‘children’, two different characters. They’re really sweet and have filled our lives. Holly helps to make my life very comfortable.”

Despite the fact that the whole family suffers from vision impairment, Martin and Johanna Sultana don’t feel they lack anything; they feel they have everything, as they are united through love.

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