Watch: Two stations, one goal: TVM and TVMnews+

The national station will launch its new look during the 8 o’ clock news bulletin. From tomorrow morning it will continue with a number of changes, with the opening of the new station TVMnews+, which will start broadcasting from 7 am and will continue with broadcasts until 11.30 pm.

Work has been done in recent weeks to change the studios of various programs, to change jingles, graphics, and many other things, to reflect the national station’s new identity. In the coming months you will see many new and established presenters, who from tomorrow will be delivering various programs throughout the day on TVM and TVMnews +.

Following the 8pm news, which will be broadcast simultaneously on TVM and TVMnews + from tomorrow, the national station will offer a selection of programs on both stations both entertainment and current events. All these programs can be followed live or on-demand on

We will give you a taste of what you can expect to see starting tomorrow.

New talents and well-known faces. Established programs, new productions and other experimental ones.

Perhaps the biggest experiment and the biggest challenge facing Public Broadcasting Services is setting up a station based entirely on journalism and current affairs.

TVM News Plus will broadcast seven days a week with many live productions – from early morning to late at night – to keep the Maltese public up to date with what is going on.

It will start with “TVAM” before 7am – Monday to Friday – with discussions on current topics and topical interviews. On Sunday – “Hadt l-Ahbar” – will not just focus on newspaper analysis.

“The news” will be broadcast daily and every hour, with interviews and a detailed analysis at 8 o’ clock which remains the most trusted and most followed bulletin in Malta.

Journalists from the PBS Newsroom will continue to moderate discussions from 6.30pm onwards. They will return once a week but at a different time with “Realta’” and “Insights”.

“Kuxjenza” will shed light on current social issues and is informative and educational. “Carter jirraporta (reports)” is a series of documentaries on local and international topics. “Resume” will be broadcast once a week with a detailed look at foreign news.

There are new collaborative efforts in partnership with other production houses – “Topik” will be on twice a week on Wednesday and Friday. And “Mill-Kamra” will opens a window onto the work of the Maltese Parliamentarians. Xtra will keep its Monday evening prime-time slot.

Sport will increase its airtime, in particular on Saturdays and Sundays during competitions and games, through Sport Live + from one o’clock in the afternoon until the eight o’clock news.

Every day there will be a program or two, possibly even three, on different sports disciplines. Sports Panorama is set to return as well as Knots, Races Only, Ruggers, 3-Pointer, GFA Roundup, MotorsMT and an emphasis on the Champions League and Euroepa League.

The TVM station will also open with a “Morning” program – for those who want a different start to the day without news. These magazine shows will continue throughout the day.

“Ghaddi s’hawn” will continue until noon. “Niskata” until 2.30pm. And “Illum ma’ Steph (Today with Steph) until six.

Drama is popular with Maltese audiences. Sorelle’s third season airs in the afternoon. On Monday evening Noli returns while on Tuesday Nostalgia continues.

From Thursday, programs of general interest will continue, such as “Għad-Dell ta ‘San Pietru” and Il-Gimgha. “Mustaċċuni” is another long-awaited program in the inimitable style offered by Television Malta in the last schedule.

Saturday – “SIBTEK” – and Sunday – everyone is glued to the “X Factor”.

There is no shortage of established programs on niches of interests to Maltese society – property, the sea, culture and the arts, documentaries, history, animals, fashion, food, films and technology.

And this year there will be an increase in Maltese programs for children such as “Avaru” which is ideal for everyone.

336 hours of program airtime … 24 hours a day, seven days a week – productions that can be followed even on-line.

TVM and TVM News plus. Two stations. Two schedules. One goal.