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WATCH: Unique art on copper plates

A particular and unique art technique led artist Corrado Iozia to create various paintings which not only delight people but also send a social message. The exhibition is being held at the Razzett tal-Markiż in Mosta.

Through his technique, Iozia uses copper plates on which he hammers incisions which he wants to create on the other side of the plate. The Sicilian artist leaves parts of the incision in its original copper colour in order to visualize more the impact on the incision, while he paints other parts with natural colours. In some paintings, he chooses to exaggerate and colours nature to send a message according to the human experience.

The artist insists that he creates his paintings on the human person, inspired by human greatness and also features the human fragility in order to seek and investigate what man can really achieve. He also creates an environmental dimension where the human being is more distinct than the surrounding nature.

This is not the first time that 74-year old Corrado Iozia exhibited his works in Malta, in fact this is his seventh exhibition. During his career, Iozia participated in exhibitions with well-known artists and his works, many of them in private collections, have been widely acclaimed.

The exhibition is being held at the Razzett tal-Markiż in Mosta after the Għaqda Filantropika Talent Mosti invited Iozia to exhibit a substantial amount of paintings in Malta. The exhibition remains open till the 29th September.

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