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WATCH: Wanted man brought back to Malta to face theft charges after being caught in France

Last night, Karlots Dola-Beridze was brought back to Malta after have fled last summer while he was out on bail.

Today he is expected to be arraigned in Court to face charges that three years ago he was part of a criminal ring which allegedly carried out a number of robberies from Sliema, St Julian’s and the surrounding areas.

The man, who is originally from Georgia, was arrested in southern France after last September the Maltese authorities issued a European arrest warrant for him and four other people. They had been charged in September 2015 of having carried out 28 different robberies.

After the French police arrested Dola-Beridze, two Maltese police officers went to Paris to escort him back to Malta. So far there is no information about the whereabouts of the four other accused who are still on the run and for whom European arrest warrants have also been issued.

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