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WATCH: Watch data centre development at Enemalta underground tunnels in Marsa

In a few weeks’ time, a collaboration between Enemalta and international company Streamcast will lead to the first international data centre which is being developed in underground tunnels at Marsa. A TVM crew visited the tunnels which in the past housed the oldest part of the Marsa power station and followed the project’s progress while being informed of the potential for further development of more data centres.

A structure has been completed in the complex which will house a high level data centre with an investment of £5 million. This is the result of an agreement reached last November between Enemalta and Streamcast Technologies. A big room has been built, which is intentionally detached from the tunnels’ halls, for the implementation of the project.

Currently, Enemalta workers and contractors are installing electricity and air condition services so that next week the installation starts of equipment which is arriving in Malta for the data centre. From Magħtab, the service was transported from the distribution tunnels of the fibre optic cable electricity which is linked with that of the interconnector that supplies electricity from Sicily. Enemalta chief executive, Engineer Jason Vella, said that this is an important link for the data centre operation.

Jason Vella said: “the aim of the project is that videos are transmitted on internet for clients worldwide and therefore you need a connection with internet with substantial bandwith capabilities and fibre that serves the particular needs”.

The data centre which will be used by Streamcast clients around the world on a 24-hours daily has various security measures, including that every system has a similar one because, in case of repairs or maintenance, it is automatically used.

The space used for the first data centre is only a small piece compared to the immensity of the tunnels complex. The Enemalta-Streamcast agreement provides for an investment of up to €75 million so that at this stage various data centres are developed, far bigger than the present one.

Streamcast Technologies is considered among the major international companies that provide streaming services of high level videos, both on-demand and also live, VOIP and video chat.