WATCH: What did they have to say about the strike?

During an interview with TVAM, Dr Frank Fabri said that Prof. Gauci spoke clearly when she said that schools managed very well with the measures taken in the light of the pandemic and that therefore, there was no need to close schools.

Asked whether there was any indication by the MUT that it was going to call a strike, Dr Fabri said that the Ministry continued to work as usual even during the Christmas holidays so that the scholastic year could continue.

He said that health and education will remain the most important things in life.

Speaking about what will happen today, Dr Fabri said that schools will still open because the work has to continue despite the industrial action announced by the MUT.

Dr Fabri said he will continue to respect the advice of the Supt of Public Health who said that schools do not have to close once the mitigation measures continue to be respected.

As for the strike, Dr Fabri said that this will end up undermining the measures taken in this respect.

The President of the MUT, Marco Bonnici on his part said that the situation developed yesterday when the health authorities gave advice to not open the schools, but the Education Ministry did not accept this request.

He said that infections are increasing and that now we have a new situation because of the new strain of the virus.

Bonnici said that independent and church school, ITS and MCAST over the next few days will not open and will give lessons online. He said that the situation as it is requires analysis and that educators and students deserve to have their health and safety respected.