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WATCH: What is this strange figure at Buskett?

A concrete sculpture with a honeycomb at Buskett is at the centre of a weekend of international arts of the Malta International Contemporary Art Space.

The artistic work by artist Pierre Huyghe will remain on exhibition at Buskett’s Wied il-Luq till the end of January. The Exomind (Deep Water) sculpture portrays a feminine figure in a squatting position, with its head as a honeycomb among the valley’s flora and fauna.

Paris-born artist, Pierre Huyghe is based between New York and Santiago in Chile. The honeycomb was manufactured by Maltese beekeepers Ray Sciberras and Denise Camilleri. The bees are not Maltese but Buckfast, while bee queens were brought over from England which were artificially inseminated.

“The bees we initially used were Maltese nurse bees, however during the past six weeks that the colony worked on the honeycomb, they changed from Maltese bees to whole Buckfast bees, which are known to be calm and very docile bees, and are not aggressive”, Ray Sciberras said.

The sculpture is the major exhibit during the arts international event which is being organised by the Malta International Contemporary Art Space, MICAS, in collaboration with London’s Serpentine Galleries.

MICAS chairperson, Phyllis Muscat stated that MICAS is working to increase awareness on contemporary arts and to place Malta at the international art scene by exhibiting works of world renowned artists.

Culture Minister Owen Bonnici said that MICAS project is a legacy one because, among others, it makes it possible for artists to enhance their arts and talents.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated that the Government has forked out €22 million for the MICAS project because it believes that it is filling a vacuum in the contemporary arts sector. He added that the fact that Serpentine Galleries is collaborating with MICAS shows the level that the latter is expected to reach in the future.

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