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WATCH: What the PM said on the Aquarius migrants issue

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the situation of the MV Aquarius was escalating and the Maltese and French Governments took the joint initiative
to solve this issue.

Dr Muscat told TVM that if the Aquarius vessel entered Malta, the duty of the Maltese authorities was to arrest it with the consequence of creating a complicated situation.

The Prime Minister stated that once the Aquarius has no flag, and therefore is not registered, it will return to France where action will be taken so that the vessel regulates itself in this regard.

Dr Muscat said that if weather permits, the migrants will be transferred from the Aquarius to a Maltese Armed Forces vessel.

Malta showed we want a proactive situation, while expressing solidarity with persons, however Malta will not accept any migrants from the 58 who are on board this vessel.

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