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WATCH: When the floor of a discotheque in Italy collapsed, killing six persons

A video clip shot on a mobile phone captures the moments when the floor of a discotheque in Italy collapsed. The accident, which occurred in Ancona on Friday-Saturday night, left six persons dead and 120 injured, seven of them in danger of dying.

Five of the victims were aged between 14 and 16, and the other victim was a mother who had been accompanying her 11-year-old daughter to the event which had been organised for students from five schools in the Lanterna Azzurra discotheque.

It is reported that pepper spray was used in the discotheque, as a result of which everyone tried to leave the building at the same time. It happened, however, that when the youths ended up all crowded together at the entrance to the building, the floor collapsed under their weight, and many ended up crushed.

An inquiry into the accident is still ongoing, and the media are reporting that more tickets had been sold for the event than allowed, and that there were not enough emergency exits.

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