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WATCH: Which stories left their mark during 2020?

A number of events have left their mark during this year which is drawing to a close, not least Covid-19.

During these past months, provided regular updates to the public on stories ranging from announcements about Covid-19 cases in Malta and the resultant victims, restrictive measures imposed from time to time, stories about those with first-hand experience of Covid-19, as well as analysis of secondary effects, as in a reduction in air pollution.

There were other stories which have left their mark on 2020, among which tragedies like that of Miriam Pace, who ended up buried under the debris of her collapsed home in St Venera.

Another case, which continued to evolve during the night hours with a TVM crew on site giving regular updates until late, was the double murder in Tas-Sliema.

Human interest stories included those of the young Zakishya, who prays to Jesus to make her leg longer, or of the girl who suffered because of a Christian community in which she found herself involved.

One of the most exclusive stories which left an impact was that of a herdsman in St Julian’s who had caught a man breaking into his farm to have sex with his sheep. The story led to a debate on the psychology behind bestiality and the laws which can regulate it.

These and other stories were recalled today during TVAM. You can follow the item below:

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