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See the list of licensed masons in Malta

The Building Regulation Office published on its website the list of hundreds of licensed masons. The list has never been previously published, however in the wake of the debate in the country following recent accidents, there were many calls for the publication of the licensed masons’ list.

The Kamra tal-Periti (Architects’ Chamber) welcomed the development, saying that it had been insisting on this, however it was pointed out that the list couldn’t be published due to data protection.

According to law, no one may work as a mason without a licence. The licensed masons’ list is necessary for the property owner, the architect commissioned for the building and the public, to rest their minds that the mason is qualified to exercise this trade and has the necessary training.

The Kamra tal-Periti said in a statement that it now expects that the Building Regulation Office does not permit the resumption of construction work when the mason is not on the list of licensed masons, maintaining that the mason and the architect have a legal responsibility on their works.

Check out the full list of licensed builders here.

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