WATCH: Why are most Maltese balconies in Valletta painted green?

At a number of localities throughout the Maltese islands,  including Valletta, one still finds many typical Maltese balconies which decorate the facade of some of the existing characteristic houses.

Finished to the smallest detail with meticulous care, one can find balconies of every colour and shape. Some of them are painted with loud colours, which immediately catch your eye.

However, there was a time when many of these typical balconies especially in the area of the Grand Harbour used to only be painted dark green, as explained by Joe Azzopardi from the Planning Authority during the programme ‘Malta u lil hinn minnha’.

This green paint used to be used by the British Royal Navy for its ships.

Mr Azzopardi added that as a result, a large amount of paint used to end up on the Maltese market, probably sold at a cheap price.  For this reason it was very popular and was used by Maltese people to paint their balconies.

Another advantage was that this paint used by the British Royal Navy could withstand the elements, and therefore it was a better choice to ensure the protection of the wood.