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WATCH: Why did Qala Council object to various developments?

The Mayor of Qala, Paul Buttigieg has explained why the local council has objected several times to development applications filed for this locality over the last 17 years.

While speaking on TVAM yesterday, Mr Buttigieg said that the Council has spent thousands of Euro to carry out the necessary studies in order to defend Qala’s natural environment from development in different ODZ areas.

The greatest recent controversy was about the permit for a villa instead of a room which is currently in a dilapidated state. Following pressure by the Council and environmental lobbies, the developer himself withdrew his decision for the development even though the permit had been issued. The Mayor said that this is not enough and that the Council will be appealing for the permit to be withdrawn as well.

Mr Buttigieg added that the Planning Authority is using different weights and different measures with people and mentioned the case of another person in Qala who is being forced to tear down pigeon coops on 20 tumoli of land.

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