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WATCH: Why is high fever caused by Coronavirus dangerous for babies in the womb?

When a pregnant woman gets a fever it is always a worry because of the baby she is carrying. This is because the baby which is still developing is not yet capable of getting rid of high temperatures, which is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. The baby can only get rid of the fever through the umbilical cord because it has not developed enough to get rid of fever like adults do.

Prof Yves Muscat Baron, the Director of Gynaecology Department has replied to the most pertinent questions for pregnant women who are worried about the health of their unborn baby in the light of this pandemic which has gripped the world.

He has suggested that pregnant women take two panadols if they get a temperature.

However the consultant said that during pregnancy it does not appear that the baby will be affected and that to date, the baby can only be affected after birth because it has direct contact with the mother

If the mother is carrying the virus, the baby will be separated from her after it is born to safeguard the child’s health.

Prof Muscat Baron has urged pregnant women to wash their hands frequently and to stay at least 2 metres away from others to reduce the risk of being infected.

He explained that pregnant women should still go for their hospital appointments  which are very important to avoid any complications in order to protect both the mother and child.

He also advised those who were planning to have a baby not to try and conceive before another two months.