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WATCH: Denies requesting telephone call on bomb threat – Court refuses bail

34-year-old Joelle Galea from Sliema, who lives in Gozo, has pleaded not guilty to having ordered or forced Ronald Mallia to telephone and make a bomb threat on a Gozo Channel vessel last week.

The woman was arrested after Mallia was arraigned in Court two days ago and accused with making the telephone call, and had revealed to Police that he had been made to make the call by this woman.

Joelle Galea was also charged with complicity with Ronald Mallia, and also with being in possession of heroin when she was in the lock up at Police Headquarters. Galea was also charged ith being a relapser.

Inspectors Omar Zammit and George Cremona are prosecuting. Lawyers Chris Bonnett and Stephen Tonna Lowell are appearing on behalf of the accused.

Shortly after accused was arraigned before Magistrate Donatella Frndo Dimech, Defence Counsel requested that a person be summoned to give evidence, and for this person to testify behind closed doors because of an issue of a medical nature regarding the accused. Prosecution did not object, and the Magistrate ordered the Courtroom cleared.

The woman was not released on bail.

It had emerged in Court on Tuesday that 30-year-old Mallia, who hails from Mosta, had telephoned anonymously from the telephone box on the corner between Republic Street and St John Street in Valletta, and had even shown up on CCTC cameras in the vicinity.

Sentence in regard to Mallia, who has admitted to the charges, is to be handed down by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja towards the end of this month.

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