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WATCH: Work starts on placing of first foundations for Marsa Junction bridges

Work has started on the putting in place of the foundations for the first two of seven bridges in the Marsa Junction project. The two bridges, which from Aldo Moro Road lead to Garibaldi Road, are expected to be completed by the middle of summer.

The works started on putting in place the first of 460 reinforced concrete and steel structures on road level on which the 42 pillars of the seven bridges at the Marsa flyover will rest. The works are being carried out between the barriers which divide the lanes which from Aldo Moro Street lead towards Paola and Santa Luċija. This will permit traffic which passes near the area to continue flowing despite these works.

Architect Walter Portelli said “we are carrying out the site’s excavation and installing the piles under every base; then we can see the columns and finally the beans and the decks. Then traffic may pass on them”.

The first two bridges will extend from Aldo Moro Road towards Garibaldi Road. Infrastructure Malta chief executive, Frederick Azzopardi, said these first two bridges are expected to be ready and used by the middle of summer. This phase is expected to be divided in five stages. Architects responsible for the works said that this part of the project is being supervised by the contract won by Turkish contractors following a call for tenders.

Addressing a press conference, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg said that this phase of the project with seven bridges is expected to cost 70 million euro, co-financed by the European Union. Dr Borg described the project as the biggest investment on any network artery of Maltese roads, which will forever change the way Malta looks at roads infrastructure. It is planned that the whole project will be completed by the end of next year.

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