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WATCH: Workers risked being injured – OHSA’s strong reaction

The Authority for Health and Safety at the Place of Work (OHSA) reacted to a video footage of two workers who were about to fall from a height after a failure occurred in the lifting system of the cage they were on.

The footage, transmitted on the social media, shows the workers without any safety-harness; they had to hang on to a rope and climb until they reached colleagues, who assisted them to climb over the roof’s low wall.

OHSA said in a statement that the video neither provides an indication of the place, nor when the case occurred although it added that it is clear that it was not taken recently.

OHSA admonished persons who transmit such video footages on the internet without informing it about the case, adding that this means that the workers were left in a dangerous situation.

In such cases were work is carried out at a certain height, it stated that ideally a mobile elevated working platform should be used. If this is not possible, the lifting system should be enough to hold the weight of the cage, the workers and tools and other material.

The authority added that the lifting system, the cage and slings should be examined and certified by a competent person; a safety harness connected with a safety anchor point should be worn and separted from the lifting system. A risk evaluation should also be made by a competent person.

OHSA stressed that persons who observe dangerous working situations should report immediately to the authority, even anonymously, on 21247677 or 99496786, or by email: [email protected]