WATCH: “You were alone at seabed, and we waited news about you”

“You were alone at the seabed, and we waited news about you” – these were the words of Neil Zammit’s aunt in a poem addressed to him during the funeral today of the young man who tragically lost his life at the age of 20.

The Church of Christ the King in Paola was filled to the brim for the funeral of Zammit, who drowned while he was spear fishing at Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq on 3 September.

The lifeless body of Zammit was found the next day by the Armed Forces of Malta who had spent hours searching for the young man, through the use of divers, patrol boats and a helicopter.

TVM is informed that Zammit was found face up at a depth of 20 metres with a harpoon in his hands, and seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

Neil’s death shocked all those who knew him with friends and relative saying that they would always remember this kindhearted young man who always had a smile on his face.

The white colour prevailed during Neil’s funeral with his relatives not only dressed in white, but they chose the colour for his coffin. Various friends of Neil also felt to give him their last respect dressed in camouflage clothes, which were his favorite as he was also a hunting enthusiast.

As Neil’s coffin emerged for the last time from the church door, it was met with applause by the present crowd with relatives reading poems on what they passed through during the youth’s tragedy, while praying to him to remember them and that they will always love him.

Meanwhile, relatives and friends of Neil on Sunday visited the site where he lost his life and placed wreaths at sea.

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