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WATCH: Young Francesca smiles to encourage other children with Down’s Syndrome

A two-year-old girl with Down’s Syndrome has been chosen by the Nothing Down international organisation as the Maltese ambassador for children with this condition. Francesca Rausi has been chosen to deliver a positive message, through photographs and videos, about the capabilities and happiness these children spread.

Although still only two years old, Francesca Rausi has shown an intelligence and an ability to communicate from a very tender age, even with the camera. Francesca’s mother Michelle told that Francesca brought a lot of happiness into her life. Michelle added that at first, the news that she had a daughter with Down’s Syndrome came as a shock, but today she feels lucky to have this daughter.

“I just can’t describe the happiness she gives me, and I feel very lucky to have her.”

Michelle stated that the Nothing Down international organisation had been seeking ambassadors from around the world to help deliver a positive message of recognition about the Down’s Syndrome condition. Francesca was chosen ass the Maltese ambassador after her photographs were submitted to the organisation.

“Francesca has been chosen to represent Nothing Down in Malta. Her photographs and video clips will be shown in the US, and Nothing Down can give out photographs of Francesca,” Michelle said.

Michelle and her husband Roderick are part of the Malta Down’s Syndrome Association, and through the support they offer to other parents, they spread the positive message that the condition does not stop the children from growing up with the same skills as other children. Michelle pointed out that children with Down’s Syndrome will achieve as much as other children if one invests in the education they need. Above all, Michelle added, the most important thing is for one to love them and believe in them as with every other child.

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