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Watch: Youth with bipolar condition finds comfort in “her second mother”

A 24-year old female youth with Bi-Polar condition stated that from a solitary and depressive life, today she is living happily thanks to a woman who dedicates her life to youths with a disability. Fiona Ellul Bonici says that Maria Vidal is a second mother to her and to many other disabled youths.

Fiona had a difficult life before she met with 69-year old Maria Vidal who, during the past 15 years, dedicated part of her life for youths with a disability who attend special Olympics training. Fiona told TVM that due to her condition she ended up lonely at home because she felt that no one understood her despite her parents’ everlasting love.

“Before I met with Maria I was always at home; my mother used to tell me to go out, and I tell her ‘no mum I will stay here”, Fiona recalled.

One can say that Maria Vidal has a big family of youths with a disability, whom she assists in the boċċi sport in the special Olympics, takes them out on weekends to entertain them and they find a way to remain in company of each other. Maria says that she does everything possible to make them happy.

Maria Vidal says “God forbids they aren’t there for me and I for the me, these youth gave me great love”.

Even the parents of these young people have found great comfort in Maria Vidal not only because of the new life to their children but also because many find it comforting.

Irene Camilleri said “because we know the good you are doing with our children, they are like other youths; we love her a lot”.

The story of Maria Vidal will be televised on  UMANI next Saturday on TVM.

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