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‘We are close to setting up Wheelchair Basketball’ – Noel Aquilina

Twelve photographs of disabled people are the face of a campaign by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, intended to showcase their talents and aspirations, in the areas of sport, work and leisure.

Television Malta spoke with two of the participants in this campaign who argue that despite their disability, they are able to live their lives and pursue their dreams.

Noel Aquilina was born with spina bifida. Nine years ago, doctors amputated the left part of his leg due to an infection in the bone. His passion for basketball was unwavering. but

‘Society may regard me as someone who can’t play or coach but I coach running basketball. ”

After writing his dissertation on Wheelchair Basketball, Noel Aquilina set up a Sport Association. Noel Aquilina’s next step is the establishment of a National Wheelchair Basketball team.

‘We have a team which might even compete overseas.’ ‘

Christine Mifsud, Dspite being visually impaired, Christine Mifsud lives life with the same determination and enjoys cooking. . . especially with rabbit ispaghetti.

‘I tell the shopkeeper to chop things exactly how I want them so they are easy to identify and I can start cooking immediately. I rely very much on what I feel with my hands. ‘

A mother of twins, Christine Mifsud says that with todays’ technology and her guide dog Dora, she can go about her life and do whatever she wants.

“You can continue going about your affairs without too much fuss or bother and help and you will still get by.”

Noel Aquilina and Christine Mifsud are two of 13 disabled players, protagonists in the campaign “Normal is Different” with their campaign photographs taken by photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi. The Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Oliver Scicluna, explained the use of the countryside.

‘I do not want to always be the face of the Commission. I want it to be people out there and I want to be their voice. ‘

The Commission plans to hold a similar initiative in the future so that more disabled people showcase their abilities publicly.

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