“We do not give tips to blacks” – racist note to waitress in Virginia

_93333827_235Clients at a Virginia restaurant joined forces to give their support to a black waitress who received a racist note, instead of tips, last weekend. Waitress Kelly Carter said that a couple wrote on the receipt: “Very good service…we do not give tips to black people”.

The restaurant owner, Tommy Tellez told the BBC that the response was phenomenal. He said that people are going to the restaurant and donate money to Mrs Carter to amend things for the couple’s behaviour. At the same time, a campaign called “YouCaring” has started and already raised more than €300 for the waitress. Regular clients are also stopping at the restaurant to embrace the waitress.

In the United States, tips to waiters are a common factor. Usually, waiters earn less than the minimum wage and tips help them to earn more money. _93335424_csadfa3aptureThe white couple who left the note were over 20s and left the restaurant after paying €25 for the food.

Mrs Carter told the local media that one of them praised her for the way she served their breakfast and said she is ready to serve them again. “A hateful remark cannot stop me”, the waitress said while stating that she is certain she can identify them in case they return to the restaurant.
The restaurant owner told BBC that the note left by the two clients was appalling and condemnable. He attributed the incident to the political rhetoric during last year’s presidential campaign.

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