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‘We felt like being in a cage….we are now discovering ourselves’ – students

The Education Hub is serving as an opportunity for students, considered by many as undisciplined, who found themselves out of the education system due to their family environment and due to behavior problems.

Television Malta spoke with two students who said they felt like being in a cage when they previously attended classes, however the Education Hub has served as an opportunity to calm themselves and rediscover their character.

15-year old Dejean Cuschieri was forced to attend school….it was not the first times that he was admonished for his behavior and ended up outside the headteacher’s office.

“I was not in good terms with teachers because I hated sitting down”.

The young student loves cooking and wants to be a chef. He progressed with his talent during his three years at the Education Hub. This year he will sit for O Level in Mathematics.

He prepares daily food for his colleagues. “No one criticizes my food. I am certain about this”.

Like Dejean, Mirco Callus has been attending the Education Hub for the past three months. He has now discovered a knack for welding. “Here, there are more lessons that I love and dedicate myself to”.

The Education Hub assistant head, Noel Calleja, says that these students are victims of society which labels them badly before they have even started.

“If when they were young, they heard that they are useless, this hurts me a lot even when they label students with challenging behaviour. No, these are students…let us see what talents they possess. No one should be dumped”.

19 students attend the Education Hub at Msida which caters for students aged between 12 and 16.

“The aim of the school is to offer an alternative programme to students with social, emotional and behavior difficulties. We assist them to be able to function in society and, when they end their study here, they start working or even continue studying”.

Students are taught academic subjects including Maltese and English and various trades, such as woodworking, electrical and arts.