“We had no other choice but to reduce visits in the interest of the mother and newborn baby”

Mater Dei Hospital has said it had no other choice but to reduce the visits to one hour daily after a new baby is born.

In a message on FB, the hospital’s management said it appreciates that mothers and their partners did not want to see any changes to the arrangements for visits by fathers or their partners.

However, it said that it has been forced to reduce the possibility that the mother and newborn who have not been vaccinated might be exposed to the virus.

It said that all possible measures need to be taken to reduce the risk of positive cases in hospital wards and in the treatment of expectant mothers which might lead to a lack of staff because of quarantine.

It added that this decision was taken following the necessary considerations in the best interest of mothers and their babies in the light of the presence of the UK variant which is much more contagious.

Mater Dei wanted to also clarify that no changes have been made to the presence of the fathers during labour and childbirth.