“We have done well but we need to be even more careful than before” – Prof Scerri about Covid-19 in Malta

A leading genetics specialist believes that if we are careful, within two weeks the Coronavirus may disappear from Malta.

Prof Christian Scerri said that now that more restrictive measures are going to be removed, it is important for the Maltese to keep maintaining their social distance.

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation said that there is no proof that the virus has weakened as some educators in Italy and Spain are arguing.

In Malta, the rate of transmission of Covid, known as the R factor, has gone down to 0.5 which according to Prof Scerri, a genetics and physiology consultant,  is a good sign in the battle against this virus.

“This means that every person can infect half of another person, which is difficult to imagine because you either infect someone or not, however this means that to infect one person there have to be two infected people. If we remain at this rate, within two weeks the virus might literally disappear from our country.”

However, Prof Scerri was still cautious and said that this is a very crucial time because he explained that as long as there is still one person who tests positive, this means the virus is still with us and that person was probably infected by someone who does not have any symptoms.

”This means we need to be intelligent, yes we can open because we need to emerge from our bunker at some point, but we need to be careful about the way we emerge from this bunker to ensure there is no hidden sniper or cannon ready to shoot at us. When it comes to the virus, we need to keep maintaining our social distance.”

While stressing the importance of washing one’s hands and the use of masks, Prof Scerri said that we still need to see whether we are going to have the second wave in September or October when the seasonal flu arrives.

He spoke with TVM the day after controversy broke out in Italy and Spain because leading doctors said that the virus is weakening. However, WHO experts and a number of scientists said that there is no scientific proof of this.

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