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“We have to continue what we started” – Adrian Delia

Asked about the result of the European Parliament election, Opposition and Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia stated tht even during the period when the Nationlist Party was in Government, during those 25 years, it had started seeing a reduction in votes. Delia explained that in 2013 the Labour Party took off from a strong position, and continued to increase. Despite this, Dr Delia added, in recent months the Nationalist Party worked on unity, and this has now started to bear fruit. Delia stressed that more remains to be done, adding that the Nationalist Party has a lot to learn from today’s result.

In reply to questions fielded by TVM at the Naxxar Counting Hall, Dr Delia said the people expect the Nationalist Party to continue fighting and to be open to ideas.

In reference to posters stuck to Nationalist Party clubs, with the words “We deserve better. Nationalists”, Dr Delia stated he did not know anything about this, adding that the most important thing is the Oppoition’s responsibility to the country, as well as for the Opposition to continue to become stronger.

Delia further stated that everyone has to assume responsibility for their vote so that the Nationalist Party will see where it had failed, and learn and grow. The PN leader reiterated he had no illusions that the process would be carried out in the short time since he has been leading the Party, adding that his mandate has not expired and he wants to continue what he started.

Follow Adrian Delia’s comments at the Naxxar Counting Hall in the video below:

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