We might have a new party: ‘Partit Popolari’ applies for registration with Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has confirmed with tvm.com.mt that it has received an application to register a new political party under the name of: il-Partit Popolari (the People’s Party). Over the last few months, this name was proposed for the Nationalist Party as part of the process to reform its statute. However, this newsroom can confirm that the people behind the application  have nothing to do with the PN.

The Commission is analysing the application which was submitted about a month ago and which was signed by three people. While confirming that it had received this application, the Commission said that it was not in a position to provide more details on what stage the analysis of the application has reached.

Apart from the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party, there are eight other parties registered with the Electoral Commission, namely Alternattiva Demokratika, Partit Demokratiku, Alleanza Bidla, Brain Not Ego, Moviment Patrijotti Maltin and Imperium Europa.  Then there are two parties which are linked to their respective town or village, Floriana l-Ewwel and L-Għarb l-Ewwel.

The spokesperson for the Commission explained that before a party can be registered it needs to conform with the party financing laws. The statute, which should be available to the public, needs to be submitted with the application. Every party is obliged to present a report of donations received as well as its financial report to the Commission.

Sources told tvm.com.mt that among those who have supported the setting up of il-Partit Popolari there are some people who this week organised the demonstration in Valletta against illegal immigration. The same sources said that contacts are taking place between activists of this party and Imperium Europa for more collaboration between them in future elections.