“We need to keep the numbers low if we want to stay open” Profs Charmaine Gauci

Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci has stressed the importance of keeping to the rules related to COVID-19. During TVAM, Profs Gauci said it was important to keep numbers low so that those establishments which have opened, stay open.

The most recent restrictions to be lifted were the most risky”

Asked if Malta can ease more measures, Prof Gauci said that while she understands that everyone has suffered, in principle Malta must move with caution. She said the latest measure restrictions were risky. She stated that enforcement authorities were having to oversee more places and that it would now be more risky if numbers were to increase and so they have to act with caution. She explained that it was important to keep numbers low so that the entities that have already opened, remain open reminding that when you hurry the cases increase. Profs Gauci urged everyone to follow the rules.

She went on to say that where were a substantial amount of people coming to Malta who wanted different things and that activities were opened in a responsible and controlled way so that people have things to do and places to go. Unfortunately there were still irresponsible people and she appealed to the public to follow the rules.

Crucial that people receive both doses of vaccine:

She spoke about the importance of taking both doses of the vaccine in order to be more protected from the virus. She explained that the increase in COVID-19 cases in England with the Delta variant also known as the Indian variant, was attributed in particular to the fact that the virus had spread to areas where people had not received the vaccine. She said the decision to give a single dose to everyone continued to help spread the virus because a single dose did not give them enough immunity.

From Monday everyone 12 years and over will be offered vaccine

Asked about the vaccine, Profs Gauci said the Pfizer can be used for everyone who was 12 years and over and therefore adolescents were being offered the vaccine. She explained that some children had already been vaccinated and explained that from next Monday children aged 12 and over will be invited to receive their vaccination. Children under the age of twelve must inform the authorities that they would like to receive the invitation once they turn 12. She also spoke about the importance of getting the vaccine because it would facilitate travel and attendance at certain activities.

The Maltese vaccine certificate will be recognised in all EU countries

Prof Gauci said that the vaccine certificate that is being used by every country of the European Union will be entering the platform of the European Union including Malta. The Maltese certificate is undergoing a process to be recognized by the European Union and thus we will be able to travel with it in European Union countries. As an example, if one goes to Italy with the vaccine certificate, one does not have to carry out the test to go there. She said whoever has the vaccine certificate and had traveled did not have to take the test on return.

Regarding the amber list, Profs Gauci said that Malta will review the list of countries and said there would be a number of American states which would be open.