“We want theatre, we need theatre”

The Teatru Malta program for autumn and winter has been launched. The program contains a range of productions aimed at all sections of society.

Teatru Malta is the national theatre company which was launched in 2017. Its productions are staged in all of Malta and Gozo and in fact the theatrical productions for this season will take place in different places including the Manoel Theatre, Explora, the La Vallette band club and the old military prison of Kordin.

Teatru Malta has announced the program of productions that it will present in the autumn and winter season. The artistic director of Teatru Malta, Sean Buhagiar, said that the program is varied because the nature of theatre is varied. He said that Teatru Malta wants to attract a varied audience to the theatre, from young to old and the national theatre company was trying to present purely Maltese works.

“The national theatre should be for everyone and thus varied. We try to capture things with a local slant or twist. We have a project on Oliver Friggieri and even his relationship with Dun Karm, a project on Manoel Dimech, a project on Tony Drago but then we will also have international cooperation. ”

The Executive Chairman of the Malta Council for the Arts, Albert Marshall, said that the dynamics and resilience of Teatru Malta has become apparent in recent months when during the pandemic, it continued to develop projects for years to come.

Minister for Culture Jose Herrera said that the Government wanted to strengthen the theatre with a legal framework that recognized both the Manoel Theatre and the Malta Theatre.

“The legislation exists and will soon be presented, where the Manoel Theatre will be the national theatre and the Malta Theatre will be an addendum to it and part of the Manoel Theatre as the national theatre company. It will have an identity and legal personality, the idea is for it to be an agency. ”

He added that in this way these entities would be in a better position to apply for European funds, be more autonomous and continue to grow. Teatru Malta’s program has been published in newspaper format and is also available on the company’s website.