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Wearing of masks in public being enforced from today

Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci has reminded that with effect from today the wearing of masks is being enforced in all public places. Anyone found not wearing a mask can be fined 50 euro, which fine can go up to 100 euro.

During her update on the Covid-19 situation, Professor Gauci stated that the use of masks is effective against the spread of Covid-19, and it is important that masks are used properly. The mask has to fit well on one’s face, it should not be touched unnecessarily, and has to be changed frequently.

Professor Gauci emphasised the importance of everyone wearing a mask, even at workplaces.

The mask has to be worn once one exits the home, except in certain instances, among which if one is in one’s own private vehicle. If one is allowing into one’s vehicle other persons who do not reside in the same unit, the wearing of masks is recommended.

Children under the age of three are exempt as they do not know how to keep the mask on them, as are persons with particular needs, in which case a doctor’s certificate is needed and should always be carried by them.

There are other situations where the wearing of masks is exempted, as in the case of children in kinder when they are in class, when one is communicating with hearing-impaired persons and during public speaking, which however does not apply to teachers in classrooms.

The mask need not be worn during strenuous physical activity like running, but has to be worn during walking. One can be asked to remove the mask during security situations like banks or at the airport where identification is necessary, and also when sitting at a restaurant to dine, but has to be worn if a person gets up.