What architectural heritage did the Romans leave in Malta?

Romans left many important ruins behind them, including a particular architecture which was created not for its aesthetic element but even for its practical use. Author and scholar David Cardona has collected the architecture left behind by the Romans throughout history, in one book.

The publication, Roman Architecture in Malta has filled a void in the study of Roman architecture which apart from information about the number of Roman sites, also explains the meaning of the decorations in Roman architecture so that the reader will understand how a Roman home used to be managed.

“The most important thing is the volume of information we have, and in fact principal sites are also mentioned: Domus Romana, the Villa ta’ San Pawl Milqi and ta’ Kaċċatura. However, Roman architecture goes beyond these, and there are a large number of sites, many of them no longer in existence, but what is also important, and this is what we are doing in this book, is to take a look round these sites and see what we can learn from them” said David Cardona.

Mr Cardona said that this book has taken almost nine years to be finished because it started from research for a Master’s at the University of Malta until he developed it into a publication.

“The book is intended for the public in general, so one does not have to be an archeologist or architect to read it. It is written for people to better understand Roman architecture and why it is important.”

This publication is one in a series by Heritage Malta published to give a boost to archaeological research, with photos and design by Daniel Cilia.