What are the new guidelines for office employees?

Maintaining social distance, good hygiene and the wearing of masks are the main precautionary measures announced by the health authorities which still need to be followed when many restrictions are lifted on Friday.

The Ministry of Health said that there needs to be a four metres squared space for every person in an office,  theatre and museums while childcare centres will be reducing the number of children at each centre.

Among the list of  mitigation measures published by the Health Authorities which will come into effect on Friday, there are detailed guidelines on the precautions which need to be taken at the place of work, including offices.

The Supt of Public Health, Prof Charmaine Gauci said that it is important not to have many people in the same room. Therefore the social distance of two metres between one person and another needs to be observed at all times.

According to the list of obligatory conditions, every office worker needs to have a space of four metres squared around them, and to be two metres away from another person. Where this is not possible, the Health Ministry said that perspex needs to be placed between one desk and another, or else masks or visors will need to be worn the whole day long.

Every office worker should have their own desk and the same desk should not be used by anyone else. Speaking about telework,  the Health Ministry said that this should continue and where possible it should be encouraged to remove physical contact.

In cinemas and theatres, the rule of 4 metres squared also applies for every person and masks need to be worn the whole time. There needs to be a perspex installed at the entrance where there is communication with the staff who work at the establishment. In the case that contract tracing is required, the details of each person who enters the cinema will be kept for around one month.

At museums, apart from the taking of people’s temperatures and the need to wear a mask or a visor, every person needs to maintain 2 metres social distancing from the other person.

At swimming pools, the water needs to be disinfected with chlorine and changing rooms need to be disinfected at least every hour.

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