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What do Claude, Luke and Steph have in common?

These three tiny creatures all belong to different species of bats, and they were all rescued by Nature Trust-FEE Malta earlier this year.

Claude is a Pipistrellus kuhlii species, and was rescued after probably falling from a nest in Mellieha, as the bat still had its eyes shut from birth. Luke is a young Pipistrellus pipistrellus, and was found in Burmarrad in a dehydrated state. And Steph is a Hypsugo savii  species of the same age, and was found in a weak state in Naxxar.

The three bats were fed with a special mixture of milk suitable for their needs, were trained to learn to eat on their own, and were also assisted to learn to fly. After about two and a half months the three bats were once again released into their natural environment.

The Nature Trust-FEE team’s work found assistance from members of Greenhouse Malta who were consulted on bats, and who also took DNA samples which will help in an identification project on bat species in Malta.

The public is urged to contact Nature Trust on 9999 9505 if they come across animals in the wild which require assistance.


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