What do we expect to see on Friday evening?

From next Friday 2nd October, Friday evening will never be the same. Especially for Ron who now has the biggest challenge of his life. The comedian, known for his nasal tone voice and has also established himself in the local scene for the past 20 years, will take over the legendary time spot.

SERATARON will not have the conventional interview we always watched on TV. Influenced by foreign late night shows that include American ones, British comedy talk shows and Italian variety programmes, the programme will mix everything together with a Maltese touch. The aim of the programme is simple – good entertainment for all the family.

Televiewers will be ready to watch interviews that amuse them, strange games and entertaining challenges with your favourite personalities and other new guests. The programme will have its resident band Ir-Ronnies . The band has a mix of well accomplished and eccentric musicians to provide the best music.

The programme makes is debut on the 2nd October at 21:00 on TVM.