What effect does a father have on baby’s health?

Babies who resemble their fathers when they are born are healthier by the time they are one year’s old. This is because according to a study which has been carried out, the father would have spent more time with the baby.

According to research, a strong resemblance encourages fathers to spend more time with their babies (an average of 2.5 days more per month) because they are convinced that the children are genetically theirs. The time which the fathers spend with them translates into healthier children.

The study entitled, “If looks could heal: Child health and paternal investment” shows that babies which resemble the father spent less time in the hospital and suffered less from asthma attacks. This is all due to the presence of the father.

Dr Solomon Polachek, one of the researchers who is a Professor at Binghamton University, said that it is important for fathers to be present in the lives of their children as this makes them healthier.

The study analysed 456 families where some babies only lived with their mothers, while others lived with both parents.  In the cases where both parents were present, the babies strongly resembled the father.

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