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What effect does alcohol have on the skin?

One’s skin never looks good after a night of drinking.

Dermatology expert Debbie Thomas is warning those who spend nights drinking that the skin on one’s face suffers the most, and one also risks black circles around the eyes, pimples and red blotches.

The dermatologist, who is based in London, and whose clients include Dua Lipa, Jourdan Dunn and Poppy Delevingne, is saying that although one might think these effects soon disappear, permanent damage may result.

Debbis Thomas is saying that alcohol causes skin dehydration, and the skin may stop producing new cells. This in turn can lead to skin damage, making it become more sensitive becaue of irritation which causes more redness.

Occasional alcohol consumption does not cause lasting damage, but there is still the possibility of not avoiding lack of moisture in the face. This can lead to swelling in other parts of the body, and it might also have an effect on circulation in the future.

The advice being given is that when consuming alcohol is unavoidable, copious amounts of water should be drunk during the day, and even between drinks.

Ideally, one should go for alcohol with minimal sugar content, like vodka or dry wines. Sleep is equally important, as this is precious time for the skin to regenerate.




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