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What kind of Europe do you want to live in?

The European Union today launched a digital platform, including in Maltese, so that citizens may speak, present ideas and debate about the type of Europe one wants to live in.

The platform is considered as an important link in the Conference on the Future of Europe which, within another year, will conclude and provide a clear guideline on Europe’s future.

The European Commission’s vice president Dubravka Šuica called the digital platform a historic democratic process in which citizens will really be at its centre.

The platform is part of the initiative, called Conference on Europe’s Future. “This platform will ensure full transparency of all discussions and ideas, it will be the hub of the conference, the place where the conference related activities will be collected, monitored and published throughout the conference”

The initiative was launched by reprentatives of the three major EU institutions. Ana Paula Zacarias from the European Council’s Portuguese presidency and Guy Verhofstadt on behalf of the European Parliament, referred to the 70th anniversary since the Paris Treaty signing by six European countries who, despite scepticism by the United Kingdom and a few other countries, they agreed to cooperate in the sectors of coal and steel, that led to what we now call the European Union.

“Let’s not be sceptical by this launch of this new instrument and the start of a real new phase in European history with the preparation of the Conference on the Future of Europe”.

“Spring is a time for renewal and this is good to start now, it’s springtime for restoration, for hope, with the digital platform we believe it will be the necessary springboard for the future of Europe”.

The platform currently has nine subjects that vary from immigration to climate change, however every citizen may submit other ideas that the European Union may have not yet considered or discussed.