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What remains of the most expensive project by the Knights in Malta?

Bieb is-Sultan with a majestic entrance to Cottonera was built in the 17th Century and divides Żabbar from the Three Cities and Kalkara. It also includes the Cottonera Lines, which according to Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna Chairman, Mario Farrugia, is the most expensive project ever carried out by the Knights in Malta.

This architectural jewel unfortunately was never completed by the Knights. When Grand Master Cotoner died, it appeared to have been unattended. The fortification in the area was primarily used for military aims, including Bieb is-Sultan which served for at least 300 years against any land invasion.

After the 1565 Great Siege, the Knights were concerned about another Turkish siege, and following the Turkish victories of Crete and Venice, the Knights built this fortification to be part of a defence line.

With a length of seven kilometres, the Cottonera Lines is a unique fortification line in Malta and touches five localities. However, during times, the lines were unattended and parts of them risked being lost.

What historical prestige do Cottonera Lines have? And what is hidden in this site? Watch for more information in this service transmitted on TVMi Insights programme.

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