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What were the books which were going to be thrown away?

The news that books were going to be thrown away yesterday shocked a lot of people. Many on social media expressed their outrage at the news.

After TVM published the photos of the truck laden with books, the Government took the books in hand. Archbishop  Charles J. Scicluna, also intervened and in a Tweet he thanked the Provincial for his co-operation and thanked the Culture Minister Owen Bonnici, who is helping for the books to be kept by Heritage Malta.

Some of the books which were thrown away came from the Ta’ Ġieżù convent, and appear to be very valuable.

On  Facebook, Dr Jean Paul De Luca explained that the frontispiece of the book which was published by this site, shows that the book is the first volume of theological wisdoms by theologian Giuseppe Maria Perrimezzi (1670-1740) as well as the Bishop of Oppido Mamertina. This book was published in Naples in 1730. According to a note in the book, it was given to the Franciscan Provincial Giovanni Costanzo Parnis to the Ta’ Ġieżù Library.

Dr De Luca said that an investigation should be carried out.

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UPDATED: Heritage Malta to take old historic books which were dumped in a truck in Valletta

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