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What were you wearing?

A common question which often has to be faced by a victim of sexual assault is, ‘what were you wearing’?  Indirectly, this question is placing the blame on what happened on the woman because of the belief in society in general that she must have been provocative and had invited trouble.

However, this idea is being quashed through an exhibition taking place in Belgium which shows exactly what rape victims were wearing when they were attacked.

The photos show that the victims were not wearing provocative clothes like mini skirts or something transparent.  On the contrary, they were usually wearing quite normal, everyday attire.

This exhibition with the theme “What were you wearing?” is breaking though the belief or illusion that it is provocative clothes which instigate rape.

Pyjamas, tracksuits and children’s sweaters can be seen in this exhibit which shows that the women and girls were not wearing anything remotely provocative. In fact, the clothes are as innocent as the victims.

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