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WHAT: What do the Maltese think about the current sales?

As the first weekend of the new year approached, many Maltese shoppers and tourists alike visited Valletta and Sliema to do their shopping searching for sales, which contrary to previous customs, started the day after Christmas and are now in full swing.

Five weeks after Black Friday, a TVM crew on Friday met with people searching for the current sales.

A customer said: “I immediately buy the things I need, however on Black Friday I needed an object and purchased it as it was discounted”.

“I think that November sales affect Christmas shopping because one buys early and then you only look at things”.

A usual complaint is ‘are the sales in Malta genuine?’

One person said, “I work in retail, that is I believe they are genuine because we make sure that we are honest in our prices”.

“They may be or may be not genuine, however the sale is there”.

“It’s a gimmick, I consider many sales a gimmick. There are so much discounts during the year in certain clothing establishments that when there is a sale, it is the same discount that was introduced during the year”.

What about purchasing through internet…how does it affect consumption?

“This also has an affect…….it has greatly increased. I think that when they advertise 70 per cent discount, these are on previous merchandise and not the recent ones”, a shopper said.

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