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“Whatever the result, the PN is committed to be closer to the people” – Adrian Delia

Opposition and PN Party Leader Adrian Delia said that whatever the outcome of the European Parliament and Local Council elections, he and the other members of the Nationalist Party were committed to work harder and be closer to the people who were not benefitting from the wealth created in recent years.

During a political activity held at the PN Headquarters in Guardamangia on the last day of the electoral campaign with the slogan “Together For Our country, Dr. Adrian Delia said that the government did not acknowledge its mistakes. He said that every party made mistakes and apologized to those that the PN had hurt, forgot, rejected or those that had not received any remedy after having suffered an injustice. He said that the Nationalist Party was ready to rebuild itself from the ground up and become the party which commanded respect.

The PN Leader said that he was proud that the party was singular and united. He promised to continue to strive to understand the needs and challenges of the people. He urged the public to come forward with proposals and said that he wanted a youthful PN Party.

Dr. Delia asked the people show their disapproval of the Government’s arrogance by voting for it to change its attitude and its direction at next Saturday’s elections. .He said that a vote for the socialists would mean voting for the party that supports the European Socialists who would introduce tax harmonization and the right to abortion.
Dr. Delia said he did not want the people to be with him and that he, his candidates and his Euro Parliamentarians would be with the people. He said that politics was not top down but bottom up. The Labor Party revolved around one person but politics should not be about one person.

The PN Leader said that the Government continued to ignore national reports made by the European Council, the European Commission, Moneyval, the Greco and the Venice Commission with the Prime Minister constantly finding excuses to justify the work of Maltese institutions.

Dr. Delia described the Nationalist Party as the party of Europe and of democracy which defended European values ​​and morals. On the contrary, Dr. Delia said the Socialist government was creating a soulless state. He urged politicians to fight ideas not people. There was no place for the politics of eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

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