What’s hidden underneath us? Artistic installation at Hastings opens up imaginary window

The third edition of the Malta International Art Weekend has just been opened with the work of art ‘Sea Cave’ at Hastings gardens in Valletta.

The installation was set up specifically for this venue by the renowned contemporary artist, Cristina Iglesias.

With the capital in the background, the installation opens an imaginary window into the geological sub terrain of the capital, with detailed work in bronze work using the distinctive expression of the artist.

In comments to this newsroom, Iglesias explained that this installation creates a deep experience using a public space which should serve as a reflection.

“The main inspiration has been Malta being an island, the relation between the sea, the rocks, the sea caves, suggesting that there may be a connection with others and this is also a way of playing with time and water, so that I created a sequence. The notion of spending time, looking.”

The Chairperson of the International Maltese Centre for Contemporary Art, MICAS, Phyllis Muscat, described this as an artistic experience.

“It invites you to link memories with time, with that which is around us and what is possibly hidden underneath.” She said that this was the first activity by MICAS since the beginning of the pandemic to date, and despite the challenges which this period has brought with it, MICAS has managed to keep going with an intensive schedule of restoration and construction which will lead to the opening of the MICAS Galleries in 2022.

The Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government, José Herrera, described Iglesias’s work as art which provokes thinking and captivates the audience while he praised the way this project offers the public direct access to international contemporary art at the historical venue of Hastings gardens.

Sea Cave (Entrance) will be accessible to the public for the next two years. This work of art will eventually be relocated at the MICAS Sculpture Garden once the building is ready.